As Death Consumes the Earth

by CemeteriuM

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Second album by CemeteriuM. Released on Friday, June 13th, 2014. All recordings, composition and artwork by Belegurth. This is an independent release, if you are a distributor and would like to make a deal or if you would like to have us play in your event; contact the band at or

This is a concept album, each song an episode of a tragic story involving terminal disease, suicide, loss, nihilism and a person's fall into hopelessness. See the descriptions of each song for the full story.


released June 13, 2014



all rights reserved


CemeteriuM Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

CemeteriuM has been producing original, depressive and immensely dark music since 2004. They hail from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They have changed musicians a lot over the years, but frontman Belegurth has continued on solo; undeterred. The debut album 'The Fall, The End' was released in 2011. The second full length album 'As Death Consumes the Earth' was released in June 2014 ... more

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Track Name: As Death Consumes the Earth
As Death Consumes the Earth

Cold, Bitter Suffering
Agony in my eyes
Yet my feeling is gone

Peel off this rotting corpse around me
Reveal the emptiness inside of it

When time is up
When you cease to exist

She says 'Cry for mercy like you’ve always done before'
There is no forgiveness, there is nothing more

Consume this lie around me turn everything back to stone
Remove the sickness, purify them in death


Cold, Bitter Suffering
Agony in my eyes
Yet my feeling is gone

As death consumes this earth
Track Name: Drained of Life
Drained of Life

Broken hours in the twilight
In bitterness left of hope
Soon the release shall set us free and end eternity

Beyond the final hour
Life is forever abolished
It is now or never
No backing out; only the chosen few go on

Scars left upon my barren soul
I can take it no more
Bring forth the suffering
And cleanse us in death

Gone is the pain
As the blood leaves our veins
She is forgotten
As I shall soon be
I can wait no longer
Our time is now

There is no other way
The clouds of my mind suffocate my soul
Death is the only answer to my condition
The only relief
To end it all

Cuando el sol se pone atrás de nuestras vidas
Ya no queda nada que decir

Cuantas cosas quería escucharte decir
Y ya no tengo forma de oír

Cuando llega nuestra hora final
Juntos iremos a descansar
Track Name: Breathing Poisoned Air
Breathing Poisoned Air

I considered myself the unlucky one
Here I still am while she is forever gone
Perhaps my death is worse and my prize is misery
A chance to linger as an outcast left in a dying world

Walk ever further but no hope is ever found
My body agonizes as my mind crumbles
Will this end? Or is it still my task to do so?

Is it any different from before?
People struggling to survive, finding a means to exist. The futility of it all
Seems comical now, if even a sliver Can exist in this
The greatest of all tragedies

It changes you as soon as you realize it. Breathing the poisoned air of this world
Withering away from the inside, gradually, sinking further into oblivion

My charade continues on.
Forget logic, forget the truth. Cower from it, and hide behind your lies.
It makes no difference now, of all times.
Death is not just, it didn't choose her.

This barren horizon around me tells me so;
As my inexistent soul, My hollow body moves on.
Down the road, around the next corner, further into oblivion, As always
Nothing changed. I just opened my eyes for the first time
Track Name: Forgotten Plague
Forgotten Plague

Alter all traces of her life have disappeared forever
Nobody left alive, no one to remember

This forgotten barren wasteland
Forgotten plague upon it

Failed, forever doomed into emptiness never to return again

Hope is a false illusion
Nothing can save us from our fate

Damned, consumed by misery eternally never to awake again

If this life is so useless,
Soon to be abolished
Why, do I still exist?
A mistake, a plague, an accident
Death is the only constant
It was our only escape, yet the same…
Track Name: A Grey Wasteland
A Grey Wasteland

Among the desolate remains I walk forsaken through pools of acid rain.
Torment awaits me in my final hour. Sulphuric clouds gaze down on my dismay.
I cannot go on any longer.
Surrender is not an option when my enemy is the very land I walk on.

Dry blood drenched with tears of despair,
Echoes of my own screams return to me through the frozen air
Every time I close my eyes I wish I could never open them again
I wish I could die and bring this misery to an end.

Too weak to think, too spent to act
As I await my death…

The final breath is one of infinite depth.
The grey wasteland around me mocks my solemn corpse,
Writhing in pain and consternation forever with no way out.

As I await the rot, to perish.
I cannot go on any longer.

Dry blood drenched with tears of despair,
Echoes of my own screams return to me through the frozen air
Every time I close my eyes I wish I could never open them again
I wish I could die and bring this misery to an end.
Track Name: Into the Void
Into the Void

Try one step further into a vast horizon
With nothing to be seen but ashen shadows in decay

I hear the whispers of my soul dwindling
They implore me to renounce my path
To become as a stone among the scorched monument
As the tide brings nothing but empty failure
Broken and hopeless, I can feel the warmth leaving me

I cry not for all that's lost but for all that remains
I can't see anything else beyond the void in front of me
It drains me every minute of every hour
Transparent and useless I can't even fathom
Anything at all beyond the veil
It's all forgotten. There's nothing left to remember

With the great death upon my throat pressing ever increasingly
Suffocating on my own misery.
Push harder until you hear the crackle fade and stifle it all forever

This time it will end. No more awakening. No more grey skies above. No more stench of rot.
Here I will stay to become the earth, the very death around me that poisoned me so
Fading into nothingness I will not remember.